The Kingdom of Remain spans all space and memory.

It is the Eternal Kingdom, the Silver Kingdom,

an ancient sphere born of our love and our sorrow, our blood and our joy.

The Kingdom of Remain encompasses countless stars and minds.

It has served our people for millennia. And we have served it in return.

The Kingdom of Remain is our place. It is our home.

The Kingdom of Remain is our legacy. It is our story.

It is the only tale we have worth telling.

June 6, 2019

SMALL-SKULLED SUN-CHASER (“Katherine’s Folly;” also “Jester Drake,” “Nutjob,” or “Thespian.”)

Despite its rather dubious reputation as a messenger dragon – or perhaps because of it – the small-skulled sun-chaser can be found in courier lodges across Dávanor. From Konordun to Tarntown, from the forests of Fellár to the woods of central Télledor, most noble households boast at least one of these odd wyverns. When used for messenger service, chasers are usually used for “less than critical” courier work, most often being deployed in short-range missions carrying missives of a humorous or lewd nature. During High Carnival, for example, the skies of Dávanor’s cities are rife with chasers carrying practical jokes and gag packages. The Grand Chase of Tarntown – the famous carnival event in Dávano...

March 21, 2019

OF ALL BELLÁNOS Dallanar's children, Michael is far and away the most brutal, the most ruthless, the most prone to violence and bloodshed. And yet, behind his merciless eyes, a profound pain lies hidden -- a pain born of endless fear. That fear? Losing the people he loves . . . .

What would you do to protect your family, those closest to your heart?

What wouldn't you do?

The images below show some preliminary sketches of Michael as well as haunting, in-process painting. All artwork is by the indomitable Zoey Schlemper. 

© 2017 Silver Goat Media 

January 7, 2019

BULL-THROATED FEN-SINGER (“Swamp Sprite;” also “Bog Singer,” “Frog Dragon,” or “Croaker.”) 

The bull-throated fen-singer is found exclusively in Dávanor’s equatorial lowlands. Because of their unique social organization, these small dragons cannot be trained into messenger service. Singer broods – also known as “choirs” – can be domesticated, but this should be done solely for the purposes of entertainment. Ancient records do exist of attempts made to utilize entire choirs as couriers and interceptors during the reign of Katherine the Second; these experiments were disastrous. 

Singers live in medium-large “choirs.” Choirs will consist of four to five males, nine to twelve females, and associated young. Foaling, when it takes place, always begins in the early spring. Singer nests consis...

November 18, 2018

ALTHOUGH THEY MARCHED for years under the banner of Dorómy Dallanar, the ogres of Jallow remained loyal to his younger brother Bellános when the Great War began. It was a diplomatic coup for the Silver Fox, although none are certain what was paid or what was promised to the great warriors of Jallow in return for their allegiance . . . . 

These days, in addition to faithfully serving on the battlefield beneath Bellános's son, the merciless Michael Dallanar, the ogres of Jallow enjoy many of the more civilized comforts offered by the Tarn. The mighty ogre war captain, Colj, takes the education of his men seriously and many of his ogres make extensive use of the Tarn's great library. 

In the image below, Chunlin Yang paints a sensitive, nuanced picture of one of C...

October 7, 2018

HIGH-HORNED PINE BOOMER (“Fir Wyrm;” also “Cone Dragon,” “Dorómy’s Guard,” or “Boomer.”) 

The high-horned pine boomer inhabits Dávanor’s northern coniferous forests, especially those around Aaryn’s Cry, Korfort, and the Tarn. Boomers are rarely trained into messenger service. Their small size and unique territoriality make them ill-suited for such work. That said, various tamed lines have been refined by a few noble families around Korfort and Tarntown. Such domesticated Boomers are rarely used for herald work, being more commonly deployed for interdiction and interception.

Boomers do not live in typical broods. Rather, a single pair will mate and nest for one breeding cycle. Boomers derive their name from their unusual nesting and reproductive habits in the wild. Unlike Dávanor’s other...

September 3, 2018

DURING THE GREAT War, the dwarves of Anor served the clashing armies of Bellános and Dorómy Dallanar with equal fervor. Strong and stalwart, Anorian troops formed the backbone of infantry and engineering corps that were loyal to both the "Silver Fox" and the "Iron Lion." By far one of the most famous Anorians to serve during this dark period was Master Bengamon Zar. A trusted confidant to both Dallanar brothers, Zar -- along with his clan and county -- ultimately took the side of Lord Bellános. Once made, that decision could not be undone. Even so, it was a choice that haunts Master Zar to this day. How do you choose between two leaders of equal strength and honor? How do you choose between two great monarchs who, above all else, love the Remain?

In the images below, you can see some sket...

July 28, 2018

TENDER-NOSED SHIELD-WING (“Nanny Dragon,” “Baby’s Drake;” or “Tender”) 

The tender-nosed shield-wing inhabits nearly every region of Dávanor. Individuals are found with specific ubiquity in urban, suburban, and rural settings where they serve as home- or child-minders. Of all Dávanor’s small breeds, Tenders are the easiest to train and the most intelligent. Indeed, since nearly all Tenders are currently bred in captivity, most individuals require little formal encouragement when deployed to the task for which they’ve been raised: the defense of property and family. That said, the training of a Tender is a joy. The experience will be rewarding for all involved. 

As their name denotes, Tenders are instinctive protectors. When raised in a family or home, a Tender’s bond is permanent and ab...

May 16, 2018

I FIRST HEARD about Elizabeth Hone from a friend of her father's, an old herdsman by the name of Otto Jarlund. (And let me tell you, was that fellow ever an an interesting character. An old-school Konungur freeholder from Aaryn's Cry Over-the-Trange. Fascinating guy . . . story in his own right, really.) Anyway, after hearing Liz's tale from old man Jarlund, I was intrigued. I had to get to the bottom of it. It's taken about a year of research -- lots of rumors, gossip, and versions to sort out, this crazy story has become something of a legend up on the 'Big Mountain' -- but I'm finally ready to start unveiling this story. I'm calling this one 'The Bear and His Daughter.'

Below, you can find some preliminary sketches and a final painting of the novel's heroine -- Elizabeth Hone. This...

March 29, 2018

MOTTLED JUNGLE-DROPPER (“Spotted Dropper;” “Dropper,” also “Beetle Wyrm,” or “Balloon Drake”) 

The mottled jungle-dropper inhabits the humid jungles and swamps of southern Junór. While some smaller populations that exhibit slightly different characteristics have been documented in central Junór, these are too rare to be of interest to the pragmatic trainer or breeder. 

Droppers are natural predators. While they can be trained into service, if raised in captivity or taken early from a wild nest, they are best used as interceptors and/or hunters of Dávanor’s other small dragons, a task for which they require little instruction and at which they excel. Their natural temperament is aggressive, voracious, and belligerent. As a breed, Droppers are one of the duchy’s most hostile. As note...

January 11, 2018

THE COVER ART for The Bear and His Daughter is finally done! Like all cover art, this painting sets the stage for the book's energy, tone, and story. But a painting's design is itself a tale to be told. This one started with a series of team conversations about The Bear and His Daughter. During those meetings, we brainstormed, sketched, messed around with design ideas, and tried to think about a moment that summed up the heart of the story. Some of the sketches are very close to what the final painting will look like. (See below, #2.) From there, we try out all kinds of variations. Some of these adjustments are major (for example, #1 --> #2 or #7 --> #8). Some are subtle (for example #5 --> #6 or #11 --> #12.) No detail is to small, no change is off the table, no punches are pulled. Eithe...

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January 7, 2019

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