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  • Peter Fane

A note on the ogres of Jallow . . .

ALTHOUGH THEY MARCHED for years under the banner of Dorómy Dallanar, the ogres of Jallow remained loyal to his younger brother Bellános when the Great War began. It was a diplomatic coup for the Silver Fox, although none are certain what was paid or what was promised to the great warriors of Jallow in return for their allegiance . . . .

These days, in addition to faithfully serving on the battlefield beneath Bellános's son, the merciless Michael Dallanar, the ogres of Jallow enjoy many of the more civilized comforts offered by the Tarn. The mighty ogre war captain, Colj, takes the education of his men seriously and many of his ogres make extensive use of the Tarn's great library.

In the image below, Chunlin Yang paints a sensitive, nuanced picture of one of Colj's largest soldiers, the mighty Doj, shown here working hard on his studies in the library of the Tarn. You can read the short story that this painting is based on here. Process shots are numbered #1-9; the final painting is #10.


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