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As you might already know, I spent the early part of my life serving in the Silver Legion’s artillery corps. I held post there for over forty years, rising to the rank of Peer Colonel under High Lords Bellános and Dorómy Dallanar. My most well-known actions took place on Colodóx, Batládea, and Ebum -- all in the service of the High House of Remain. In retirement, I spend the majority of my time on the great library world of Genonea, where I lecture on military theory, ancient Davanórian war poetry, and moral philosophy. I winter at my clan’s hereditary estate on Egáton with my wife, family, and a small flock of messenger dragons. In terms of origins, I was born on Kon, high on the north side of Aaryn's Cry -- what we locals used to call the Big Mountain. I have not been home since the beginning of the Great War. It is my fondest wish to see the snowy peaks and forested crags of Kon once more. As long as the War continues, however, this wish is destined to remain unfulfilled. 

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