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A note on The Bear and His Daughter . . .

I FIRST HEARD about Elizabeth Hone from a friend of her father's, an old herdsman by the name of Otto Jarlund. (And let me tell you, was that fellow ever an an interesting character. An old-school Konungur freeholder from Aaryn's Cry Over-the-Trange. Fascinating guy . . . story in his own right, really.) Anyway, after hearing Liz's tale from old man Jarlund, I was intrigued. I had to get to the bottom of it. It's taken about a year of research -- lots of rumors, gossip, and versions to sort out, this crazy story has become something of a legend up on the 'Big Mountain' -- but I'm finally ready to start unveiling this story. I'm calling this one 'The Bear and His Daughter.'

Below, you can find some preliminary sketches and a final painting of the novel's heroine -- Elizabeth Hone. This painting was made this art by the incredible Nataly Uildrim. You can also see a teaser for the ensemble poster by another one of our new character designers, Kelsey Dutton.


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