• Peter Fane

A note on voidlings . . .

SLES AND HIS Kalaban are two of the Silver Kingdom's most engimatic characters. In the twelve images below, you can track the development of these lonely travelers from their first appearance in The Blind Dragon (1), to early concept sketches by Anders Frank and Mark Eric Elton (2-7), to more recent digital sketches by Nataly Uildrim (8-9), through some screen shots (10), to the semi-final painting (11), all the way to the (*BRAND NEW*) final rendered version of the character art (12).

The best synergies between the world's top art directors, concept artists, and painters are always based on generosity, playfulness, trust, and a deep respect for the mysteries of creation -- the willingness to follow a strange hunch, the courage to give everything to every project (no matter how big or small), the determination to never quit. Interestingly, all of these traits are shared by Sles and his dark companion . . . .

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