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The Kingdom of Remain spans all space and memory.

It is the Eternal Kingdom, the Silver Kingdom,

an ancient sphere born of our love and our sorrow, our blood and our joy.

The Kingdom of Remain encompasses countless stars and minds.

It has served our people for millennia. And we have served it in return.

The Kingdom of Remain is our place. It is our home.

The Kingdom of Remain is our legacy. It is our story.

It is the only tale we have worth telling.

April 14, 2017

WITHIN THE KINGDOM of Remain, the High Gates provide the primary means by which inter-duchy travel is accomplished. This will be news to nobody, of course. The youngest child of the smallest noble house is aware of this fact in theory -- if not in practice. (I myself stepped through the High Gate on Kon for the first time in my fifth year; an experience no one can easily forget!)  

The High Pendants, however, are less well-known.

Of these powerful and fascinating objects, three things can be said with certainty:

First, the High Pendants were undoubtedly crafted by the Five Great Sisters as part of the mandate given to them by the Founding Monarch, Acasius Dallanar.

[I have treated this topic in detail elsewhere, but by the far the best, most reliable, and most easily accessible source on the...

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In the Kingdom of Remain, you'll always have a place, you'll always be welcome, you'll always be loved -- and  you'll always be answered.