The Kingdom of Remain spans all space and memory.

It is the Eternal Kingdom, the Silver Kingdom,

an ancient sphere born of our love and our sorrow, our blood and our joy.

The Kingdom of Remain encompasses countless stars and minds.

It has served our people for millennia. And we have served it in return.

The Kingdom of Remain is our place. It is our home.

The Kingdom of Remain is our legacy. It is our story.

It is the only tale we have worth telling.

December 12, 2017

LONG-TAILED SKY-DRAKE (“Aaryn’s Faithful;” also “Sky Wyrm,” “Cloud Sparrow,” or “Sun Glider”) 

Of all Dávanor’s small breeds, there is none more popular for civilian messenger service than the long-tailed sky-drake, or “Sun Glider.” Imperial records show that Gilders were used by Aaryn Dallanar after the pacification of Dávanor; pre-Founding accounts point to a long and storied tradition of breeding, cross-breeding, and professional handling of the type. 

Gliders live in all regions of Dávanor, save arctic and deserts climates. Their common name in southern counties – “Cloud Sparrow” – is fitting; the breed is ubiquitous. That they form the core of most family and professional messenger services has only increased their number and pervasiveness. In the wild, Gliders prefer temperat...

November 17, 2017

THE SEERS OF Anótos fulfill many roles within the Silver Kingdom. Whether serving the Realm's ruling elite as clairvoyants, historians, or war-scrys, Anótian mystics are highly prized, jealously guarded, and exceptionally well-paid members of the Kingdom's High Houses. For this reason, House Wanten -- the current ruling house of Anótos -- is one of the most well-informed, and most powerful, in all the Remain.

On Anótos, the coveted position of 'High Seer' is currently held by Doron Faer, a war-scry of exceptional strength and legendary skill. His youngest daughter, Darian, seems to have inherited his abilities. Indeed, some say that she promises to be even more powerful than her father. You'll decide for yourself, shortly . . . .

The painting below -- "Darian Faer" -- is by UILDRIM © 2017 S...

September 3, 2017

BRONZE-HORNED ROOT-CRAWLER (“Gold Digger;” also “Soil Hunter,” or “Mole Wyrm”) 

The bronze-horned root-crawler (or “Gold Digger”) is a subterranean dragon that inhabits caves, culverts, and other underground environments. They are ubiquitous in all tropical and sub-tropical regions of Dávanor but nearly impossible to find in cooler climates; notable exceptions can be found in deep cave networks, like the caves of Guyayon, or near thermal venting, like hot springs or volcanos. The famous springs of northern Weller, for example, support several very large broods of root-crawlers, including one of the largest ever recorded. 

While not particularly intelligent, strong, or dexterous, Diggers do make excellent messenger dragons, when trained from birth. They are best employed for sh...

August 24, 2017

SLES AND HIS Kalaban are two of the Silver Kingdom's most engimatic characters. In the twelve images below, you can track the development of these lonely travelers from their first appearance in The Blind Dragon (1), to early concept sketches by Anders Frank and Mark Eric Elton (2-7), to more recent digital sketches by Nataly Uildrim (8-9), through some screen shots (10), to the semi-final painting (11), all the way to the (*BRAND NEW*) final rendered version of the character art (12).

The best synergies between the world's top art directors, concept artists, and painters are always based on generosity, playfulness, trust, and a deep respect for the mysteries of creation -- the willingness to follow a strange hunch, the courage to give everything to every project...

July 8, 2017

STONE-SKINNED WYVERN (“Rat Catcher,” "Catcher," “Town Culler,” “Mousebane,” or “Garden Drake”) 

Unlike the vast majority of Dávanor’s lesser wyrms, the stone-skinned wyvern lives almost exclusively in urban habitats. These useful little dragons love fortresses, castles, and cities. Some wild broods populate the caves and mines of lower Kellor, but debate remains as to whether these congregationsare native to these areas or if they were introduced by Dallanar engineers to clear the area of pests sometime after the Founding. Stone-skinned wyverns are one of the most common of Dávanor’s small breeds; they are known by many names, depending on locale. 

Catchers are almost never trained into messenger service, although some notable exceptions exist. When discovered, broods and individuals ar...

April 14, 2017

WITHIN THE KINGDOM of Remain, the High Gates provide the primary means by which inter-duchy travel is accomplished. This will be news to nobody, of course. The youngest child of the smallest noble house is aware of this fact in theory -- if not in practice. (I myself stepped through the High Gate on Kon for the first time in my fifth year; an experience no one can easily forget!)  

The High Pendants, however, are less well-known.

Of these powerful and fascinating objects, three things can be said with certainty:

First, the High Pendants were undoubtedly crafted by the Five Great Sisters as part of the mandate given to them by the Founding Monarch, Acasius Dallanar.

[I have treated this topic in detail elsewhere, but by the far the best, most reliable, and most easily accessible source on the...

February 5, 2017

MY FIRST TRIP to Dávanor took place during my second year with the Legion. (I was serving as attaché to Lord Dorómy's third purser's secretary; in other words, I was a well-armed butler for a minor accountant's servant.) We saw no action -- the mission was almost wholly diplomatic -- but I did have the opportunity to meet several dragon riders and their mounts. From these proud and courageous people, I learned a great deal. 

By far one of the most interesting aspects of Dávanor's breeding tradition is the speed with which their war beasts enter active service. To outsiders, the dragons of Dávanor begin training at what appears a very young age. After hearing a number of different explanations for this phenomenon from my fellows (most of which consisted of superstit...

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In the Kingdom of Remain, you'll always have a place, you'll always be welcome, you'll always be loved -- and  you'll always be answered.  



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